1:1 Erection Coaching

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Personalised Erection Coaching

Also available to non members

1:1 Erection Coaching, trains your body, mind – your penis and your maleness as needed – for more erection control, to overcome ED or to simply see how hard you can be.

With a view to enhancing your life both personal and professional. As when your penis works well – so does your analytical mind and indeed all parts of your mind – with new neural pathways formed as an optimism surrounding the male you and your HE-Man capabilities emerge.

About the 1:1 Erection Coaching Video Call


→ I will always be clothed. If any specific explanations regarding male anatomy are required – I will direct you to a video where you can see what you need to.

→ You may choose to be either clothed or naked as you wish.


→ Erections are not needed, we are training for future HARDer erections.

Include a Sensualness for your Health

This coaching is for your HEALTH Erections for which a degree of sensual sexualness or masculinity may be present. This sensualness will be in in the sense of being a healthy male:

  • Maleness/sexualness in the context of erection coaching: to increase your background sexualness or maleness, however you like to think of it. Giving your mind the time and space to nurture this evolving maleness that will steadily grow inside you – to help prime your body for more erections.
  • but not for short term gratification whilst in our session. Long term gratification – yes most definitely we are working towards that – to give you the whole package – including the HEALTH Erection capability.

……That said I really want you to enjoy this – as that is what this coaching has to be: pleasurable – but in the context of furthering your body and mind’s capability. Therefore to that end a male energy can be encouraged if it may help with your future sexual fulfilment. And that is exactly it – I’d be helping with your health for future sexual fulfilment, preparing you for a variety of situations.


Call duration is 30 minutes.

 New neural pathways in the brain to circumnavigate negative experiences and boost the positive male sexual – primeval feeling can be attained, but this takes time to develop 

1:1 Erection Coaching shortens this time, due to ease of communication – I’m able to get to know the real you – if you’re happy to let me in that is? As body language, facial expressions, combined with a personal interaction. on such personal matters may be so personal that you may not have previously interacted like this before – means we can really get to the root of what will help you – if you are ready to. However we go at your pace – I’m just telling you what is possible, you’re in the driving seat. But if you’d like to move over to the passenger seat and let me drive – please just say, as on this particular journey – I know a few shortcuts.

Save time during your session

As you’ll no doubt now be aware, Erection Coaching involves many aspects ranging from specific muscles in your pelvic floor, all the way through to your mindset. Plus added to this there’s the implementation / motivation aspects and you can see that erection coaching covers a lot of ground.

If you would like to tell me which aspects you would like to focus upon and what you’d like to get from your video call with me, this will enable me to prepare and ensure our time together is used in the most effective way.


This erection coaching is not mainstream – but is something I have developed over the last 20 years helping Men’s Health. It is different, but very valuable.

Private and Discreet

Wherever you are in the world – all we need do is arrange a mutually convenient time. Coaching in both Video or Audio calls is always on the Signal App only*.

*The Signal App is free to download at the App Store. WhatsApp is not private enough

1:1 is Included in your ERECTIONS.IO Membership

Costs for Non Members

Non- Members Costs

30 minute call – the costs (please also see naked & clothed above) :


→ GBP £65

→ USD $70

→ CAD $100

→ AUD $115

→ NZD $125

→ EUR €75

→SGD $105

Starting 1:1 Coaching

→ If you are an ERECTIONS.IO Member please

  • Message me, or Email me – harper@malecoach.com with a few days/times options, that suit you., chances are I’ll be able to make one of them.

→ If you’re a non member and would like 1:1 Erection Coaching by Video Call Only please introduce yourself (see below)- email me: harper@malecoach.com (Prepay for your coaching session and I will book you in. Costs are above).


I’m friendly, approachable and passionate about erections – so you have me for half an hour as your own personal coach. Yes I’m the coach, but I’m not a mind reader and I aim to ensure you get what you want from your call with me, so when you book your call -if I don’t already know you that well – that’s when I’ll be asking what it is you’d most like to gain from your 1:1 Erection Coaching Video Call.

It’s your time to improve Your Erection Quality – so ask, tell me anything,.All you need do is talk to me about you – open up and let me in – that’s when I can really start making a difference to your erections, if you’d like me to?