1:1 Erection Coaching

There are two options for 1:1 Erection Coaching


1:1 Erection Coaching included with ERECTIONS.IO Membership

At any point during your membership, give me one or two date/time options and chances are I’ll be able to make one of them, and book your call in.

1:1 Erection Coaching by Video Call Only

No membership required, simply give me one or two date/time options and chances are I’ll be able to make one of them.

Prepay for your coaching session and I will book you in.

About the 1:1 Erection Coaching Video Call

  • Erections are not needed, we are training for future HARDer erections.
  • I will always be clothed. If any specific explanations regarding male anatomy are required – I will direct you to the HARDer Erection Xtra VG.
  • You may choose to be either clothed or naked as you wish.
  • Call duration is 30 minutes.

What would you like to gain from your 1:1 coaching?

Feel free to tell me what you would like me to help you with, whether that be to overcome any erection difficulties or simply to improve your sexual satisfaction.


This erection coaching is not mainstream – but is something I have developed over the last 20 years helping Men’s Health. It is different: I was the first to appear on YouTube naked – explaining how I can improve erection quality, which has enabled a steadily growing acceptance that we can train and strengthen any part of our body, if we put our mind to it.

If you are keen to make the most of your penis, please feel free to get in touch. Discretion assured.

Private and Discreet

Wherever you are in the world – all we need do is arrange a mutually convenient time. Coaching in both Video or Audio calls is always on the Signal App only*.

*The Signal App is free to download at the App Store. WhatsApp is not private enough


30 minute call – the costs (please also see naked & clothed above) :


→ GBP £65

→ USD $70

→ CAD $100

→ AUD $115

→ NZD $125

→ EUR €75

→SGD $105

Starting 1:1 Coaching

→ If you are an ERECTIONS.IO Member please

  • Email me – coach@erections.io with a few days/times options, that suit you., chances are I may be able to make one of them.

→ If you would like to start 1:1 Erection Coaching by Video Call Only please email me: coach@erections.io

Ask the Coach

If you have any questions about a 1:1 Erection Coaching Video call please just email me coach@erections.io