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Guided Penis Worship


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Introduction / Coaching Notes – Enabling your penis

Harder Future Erections – don’t chase erection during session

The visuals are your own penis – recalled or reimagined

Always keep in mind – this is for you – not for others!

What is the The Erections.IO Vibe

The Daily Penis Worship Coaching – for HARDer Erections

 1 Tune in to your penis

 2 Slip into the Erections.IO Vibe 

 4 20-20 The Erection Muscle Strengthener4.5 Erection Muscle Exercise plus
 5 Advanced Erection Muscle Exercising 5.9 Less Clinical More Sexual
 6 Erection Muscle Penis Worship 6.9 An Erection on Demand Secret
7 Erections.IO Vibe Energy Tap into the Primeval You?

 8 Penis Energy

 9 Penis Energy

 10 Penis & Testosterone Energy

 11 Penis testicle mind feedback loop

 12 Energy Air 12.9 20-20 recap

 13 Muscle Air

 14 Energy Muscle Air  14.5 Energy Muscle Air – anywhere

 15 This Is It – Energy – Muscle – Air – Erection Vibe  15.9 The Penis Worship session

Erection Coaching Videos for extra insight

HARDer Erection Xtra VG

Quick Step by Step Guide

Coaching Tip before you start?

Set you off on the right track – #1 Priority is training enjoyment

naked erection coach on bed pointing at his erection

Always ensure your erection training is never a chore – here’s some ways to get playful with your penis in MALE TIME Erection Coaching

The Aim

Remind yourself where you’re heading – this could be you one day

Using Training Focus 1, 2 & 3

Training Focus -1

harder erection video guide thumbnail for members

Increases your background sexualness and your penis-Mind connection


Training Focus -2

Train this muscle to be able to push more blood into your penis in the coming days ahead. – your own cock ring – just needs to be trained
Full length
Daily Quickie

3 Training Focus – 3

Increases your ‘drive’ plus calming your nervous system down to prime your body for more erections in the coming hours
Full Length
Daily Quickie

Consolidate your new found skills
Check in with me?

The above sets you up with the rest of your training – get this right and all will begin to evolve nicely. Option – check in with me regarding your progress. For training focus coaching

Penis/Erection Muscle

Here I show my erection muscles working – Viewing the muscles you are working – will help you visualise what they are doing – on yourself. Option – you do this in front of a mirror just like I show here – so you can see on you.

Penis/Erection Muscle

Now you know exactly where the muscles are it’ll be easier to get feedback and strengthen them with sexual sensation.

Penis/Erection Muscle

Never underestimate the happiness affect – it will give you extra erection force

Penis & Butt Hole

Anus Focus gives an ensures your muscles go through a full range of motion

Butt hole & penis

Max Anus Relax one of the secret ingredients in Erections on demand, also Helps overcome Hard Flaccid

Butt Hole & Penis 

Sensations you learn to provoke and tune into – improve the physical, plus the great feelings help any the psychological plus increase background sexualness

Penis & Erection Muscle ?Butt Hole

The Great Erection Improver – Bringing Everything together into one exercise.

Consolidate your new found skills
Revisit Training Focus 2

Knowing what you know now – do you need to change your technique at all. Option – Check in with me?

Whilst your penis is out….

All about incorporating this into your everyday life – that is what will get you erection and sexual results, When in the Loo….

Refining Your Technique

When to use your abdominal muscles – and when not too – for the benefit of your HARDer erection.

Refining Your Technique

If your muscles go through a full range of motion – so too will your erect penis
Part 1
Part 2

Workout Session

Part 1 Workout your erection muscle – for a HARDer future erection – and greater ejaculation intensity.

Workout Session

Part 2 – Add in your Sexual Mind perhaps

Workout Session

Butt hole exercise – This is what gets results! Big results. Warm up with a butt hole squeeze Part 1

Workout Session

Think of your butt hole in a slightly different way now – a way hat can help your erection quality. If you’re ready to add a sexual element then that is coming up. Part 2 

Add in sexual element 

Butt hole and penis exercising with some sexual imagination for extra performance sensation.

Sexualised Workout

Exercise with a semi erection for greater feedback?

Turbo Boost 

Turbo Boost function for your erection – in those moments when you want to turn up the HARDness. Initially a few seconds will turn into a few minutes of extra erection sensation.

Sexualised – sensual Workout

Rhythm and moves for prostate sensation – capable of giving sensations similar to ejaculation

All of the Above with Self Sex / masturbation

harder erection video guide thumbnail for ERECTIONS.IO members erection coach with erect penis

This is one of the most sexualised videos – me combining erection exercising with masturbation.  No ejaculation – that’s  in the full video at BroTime, so part 1 of the video is here – the lead up. 

Different ways to go?

There’s now either 
→Edging to explore (below), 
→Extra sensation/tuning in with (Anal below)
→Overcoming the Psychological (either contact me for individual training advice or you can browse the psychological training in Members Original Guide
→browsing other training videos at Members Original Guide

I bare my innermost private moments here for you to see snippets of self sex bliss = An edging video – the whole session lasted over an hour – here’s a taster for you -to see if you may like edging!
PS – this is very passionate self sexual love

Butt Hole 1

Combine Ischiocavernosus contraction with breathing….
We know that an anus clench will make your erection muscle stronger.

Anus 2

See why Anal breathing is great for your erection strength

Anal 3

Raise your anus
Lower Your anus

And enjoy HARDer Erections due to a strengthened Ischiocavernosus muscle
Simply Effective and nicely different


Booking Your 1:1 Coaching Video Call

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What to keep in mind:

  • Erections are not needed
  • I will always be clothed. You can choose to be clothed or naked at any point

Booking Your Call:

  • Email me –
  • Please give a few days/times options, that suit you., chances are I may be able to make one of them

Ask the Coach

If at some point in your membership you have a question or to talk about your erect penis progress:

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