Join ERECTIONS.IO Penis Worship and Be a HE Man

view from knees to navel of naked man with fizzing champagne bottle covering his erection with "for your good health' text in bubbles
The HEALTH Erection Man – aka HE-Man

HE Man – is a man that can gain the Heath Erection.

The HEALTH Erection (HE) capability is a “he” on steroids. (all natural ).

A penis is generally (but not always) what signifies whether you’re a he or a she. We can use your “He” (male) identity to improve both your confidence and your erection quality, as they’re inextricably linked – if one rises – so to does the other…

….delivering a surge to both your personal and professional life

My erection coaching involves an element of taking your “internal He” identity that bit further and become a HEALTH Erection (HE) Man by combining the physical aspects of erection control too.

Penis Worship

This is it in the most simple of terms, however as I’m sure you realise the erection process is quite complicated – with many inputs – especially with the psychological and personal individuality aspects, but we can group them all together into a Penis Worship session.

Once you can gain the HEALTH Erection at will – you’ll feel more like a “HE’ than ever before.

animated image showing a HEALTH erection in the absence of sexual arousal - from muscle contraction only, partly obscured
A Non-sexual Health Erection

You’ll begin to develop erection attitude

Joining and becoming an Member

To register your interest in joining ERECTIONS.IO Penis Worship and becoming a HE Man – or to get started and receive the joining link, just email me:

Jining/training costs are here

This is what is possible for you to achieve – if you train with me

Predominantly the psychological aspects of Guided Penis Worship / Health Erection being used to erect my penis without any physical stimulation

Flaccid to erect in 10 seconds without hands – but with ERECTIONS.IO Vibe

Gif image showing hands free erection on demand by the Erection Coach at ERECTIONS.IO, partially obscured

About joining – to become a HE-Man

Before you: become the HE Man

(enriching your life – personal and professional*)

there is a delay.

Training to become a HE Man (Health Erection Man) is a serious commitment for life. At the end of your membership period you will take away: one daily powerful 2 min deep workout for your body & mind. (15.69 Penis Worship Audio Clip). I then want you to repeat this 2 minute workout for everyday of your life. If you do – your erection will be strong for life.

I can have you joined up to this site and training in as little as an hour – this delay gives you time to ensure this is what you want….

…as This takes work

You’ll need to set aside 5-25 minutes a day – for Penis Worship time – healthy, natural and pure.

I only want you to join ERECTIONS.IO and become a HE Man- if you’re passionate about gaining the Health Erection capability.

To register your interest in joining ERECTIONS.IO Penis Worship and becoming a HE Man just email me: and I’ll send you the joining link.

a naked man looking down at his erect penis pointing up, but partially obscured tith text.Join ERECTIONS.IO Penis Worship and become a HE-Man (Health Erection man)

Your Coaching

  • 25 Penis Worship audio training files for max focus upon the inner YOU – guiding you to the next step – every day for 25 days. I advise you to do 2 cycles of this as on the 2nd cycle you will experience it in a different way.

the HARDer Erection Video Guide, which is also included…..

  • View any video from the HARDer Erection Video Guide to see how your training relates to your male anatomy and for another coaching experience.

Years of being the have shown me the power of 1:1 coaching, which is included for you

  • Use this session in any way you want, maybe to understand yourself as an individual and the affect this has upon your erections, or for further training practice/coaching, or perhaps for a feedback upon your progress. You tell me beforehand what you want to cover.

3 month membership includes one 1:1 video call, the six month includes two.

Knowing I’m here for you at any time, should never be underestimated…

  • There may be periods during your training when you may need some tips, motivation, or to give feedback on your training account/videos, or just to talk about your training or your erections via email or on the messaging App: Signal

3 Months Membership, gives all the above: $425 / £350 / €400

6 Months Membership, gives all the above : $550 / £450 / €510


Erections.IO course will be referred to as Input/Output in all payments and invoices. The account name on all statements is Male Coach, no mention of erections. If you have any questions regarding privacy – please contact me and I’lll happily reassure you.

*Tax Deductible

Depending upon your countries tax rules it may be possible to claim this cost against your tax bill. Invoices can be issued for your professional development with the Confidence Course.