view from knees to navel of naked man with fizzing champagne bottle covering his erection with "for your good health' text in bubbles
Celebrate being the HE Man – the HEALTH Erection Man. It will give you confidence in your personal & professional* life.

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“To gain an erection, in absence of all sexual arousal and physical stimulation”


Health Erectionview from knees to navel of naked man with fizzing champagne bottle covering his erection with "for your good health' text in bubbles Achieved from

Penis Worship Sessions where you slip into the ERECTIONS.IO Vibe, with personal support in a 1:1 Video Call


Health Erectionview from knees to navel of naked man with fizzing champagne bottle covering his erection with "for your good health' text in bubbles great for

WARNING: This page contains→ Naturalistic nudity → incorporating a healthy male response → in total absence of sexual arousal.

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Are you sure?

Erection Quality Improved. Erection problems banished.

This is a HEALTH Erection (HE) – involving NO sexual arousal. 

I show you this to demonstrate what I am training you to do.

Sexual arousal is not needed to attain an erection, as I show here, this is me (The ErectionCoach) gaining an erection – purely through muscular contractions.

animated image showing a HEALTH erection in the absence of sexual arousal - from muscle contraction only, partly obscured

The video for this image is at the bottom of this page.

Knowing an erection can be purely a function of the healthy male body – under your control will take the pressure off you in any future sexual situations, as you’ll always have the health Erection to fall back on.

This is the Penis Worship Erection

The Image for this video is at the bottom of this page.

Predominantly the psychological aspects of Guided Penis Worship/Health Erection – being used to erect my penis without any physical stimulation

This is what I train you to do – with the Penis Worship Sessions & HEALTH Erection Training.

I train you to slip into the ERECTIONS.IO Vibe (Penis Worship) to gain the HEALTH Erection on command whenever you want.

→ you’ll have gained the Erection Attitude – which you can then take into sexual situations.

Imagine what will be possible in the future when you are sexually aroused

side on view of an erect penis to show chambers of penis and the ERECTIONS.IO physiological and psychological inputs with the HEALTH erection being the output
ERECTIONS Input/Output

Erections are a part of being male, however sexual erections make up just one small aspect which is often much misunderstood.

What i Do

Training Men like you to gain HEALTH Erections on demand.

I can train you how to have health erections at any age – all you need is trust in me to deliver this for you with your penis worship sessions. Your positive outlook part of the process – a trust starts with me demonstrating HEALTH Erections at this site.

The HEALTH Erection (HE) will give you a profound confidence that spills into all areas of your life – you can slip into the ERECTIONS.IO Vibe (learnt through your penis worship sessions) in both sexual and non sexual situations.To either give you an inner confidence or a sexual confidence as you require at any given time. You will think of yourself as the HE-Man (Health Erection Man).


lasting vs taking a pill

no side effects, just a natural capability

a HEALTH Erection when you want, in absence of sexual arousal – means a lot may happen when you are aroused


flaccid penis

due to extra blood flow and penile elasticity

this goal will make you do healthy things I ask and your whole health will benefit

Porn Prescription

turn your porn watching time into productive HEALTH erection training time

follow the links for how to use porn as an erection tool

for Life

going forward

Run Input program from memory any time you want a HEALTH Erection

You’re now the HE- Man with Erection Attitude.

What I Do

Passionate About ERECTIONS.IO

I’m passionate about Health Erections – but are you?

I want you to be passionate about what the HEALTH erection capability will give you – a profound effect upon all areas of your life.

Here’s a message from me

view of naked man laying with legs over head to show close up pelvic floor muscles - ischiocavernosus and bulbospongiosus - root of penis and testcles, with penis curling round towards leg
root of your penis needs looking after


ERECTIONS.IO trains both your body and mind

testicles being revealed under spinach leaf
benefits of eating greens


ERECTIONS.IO consists of just one person – me the Erection Coach

naked man with erection obscured by logo
top up your erection energy

A soluble energy

The Most Powerful Erection Coaching for gaining erection control with & without sexual arousal

Technology/personal service for the busy man – International coaching online – audio, video, 1:1 video call

Giving you HEALTH Erections

an animated image showing hands free erection in 10 seconds using penis worship
It’s all about brain plasticity
Erections improved online

wondering Why You Need the HEALTH Erection?