ERECTIONS.IO trains you to either:

do as I do in the video below,

or overcome Erectile Dysfunction.

A very Personal Erection Coaching Service

Using my own body for demonstration purposes – I prove my erection coaching works and can help you become HARDer.

This service is just me – I personally coach you – using my medical, and practical erection coaching knowledge and experience that has helped many men improve their erections all over the world.

You are in expert hands and I am available for support at any time.


It depends upon where you are starting from – and how far you want to go – with your Training ……which is Guided Penis Worship.

⚠️ The following page contains naturalistic nudity of the male sexual response, to help men perform as nature intended. If you do not wish to improve your erection quality please do not proceed.

Are you sure?

The techniques used here can help you either do the same or overcome ED

I head and shoulders picture of the original  Erection Coachfilmed this at the age of 53 after having previously overcome ED, so if I can do this know that I can train you too, as well.

Animated image showing erection control with hands free erection quickly followed by de-tumescence
Rise Up / Calm Down
An erect penis sticking out from body with gold shadowing to signify erection energy
My Erection Coaching

I Coach You to Get back in – and Stay in – the Sexual Game*

Within a few days you’ll have learnt how to tap into the power of your physical body and your sexual mind gaining some penis control which in the coming week will lead to greater erection control. Guided Penis Worship Audios – turn 20 years of Erection Training into a powerful step by step erection hardening guide ……to ultimately give one 5 minute workout for your penis for you to do religiously every day going forward. knowing it is keeping you in the sexual game* for as long as you want.

*The Sexual game initially is satisfying sex with yourself – you need to first understand your own body and then strengthen these aspects. This is what Guided Penis Worship will do – you will then have to decide if you want to share your new found abilities with a sexual partner or not, but either way you will be playing a new sexual game – with a new sexual attitude – and it all starts with a gentle penis exercise game involving your mind in the Guided Penis Worship Audios


minutes per day

Guided Penis Worship

to improve your erection



with the ERECTIONS.IO Vibe

Primes your body to give you more erections

Hey *Sam*

insert your name…

Meet with me 1:1

1:1 Personal Video Call Erection Coaching incl.

Dare you

?take your training forward

Penis Worship Plus Plus

Erection coaching combined with sexual behaviour

* Command in this case means a state of mind that you can achieve when in the ERECTIONS..IO Vibe

What I Do

Passionate About ERECTIONS.IO

view of naked man laying with legs over head to show pelvic floor muscles
penis root- erection muscle


ERECTIONS.IO trains both your body and mind

testicles being revealed under spinach leaf
benefits of eating greens


ERECTIONS.IO consists of just one person – me the Erection Coach

naked man with erection obscured by logo
top up your erection energy

A soluble energy

The Most Powerful Erection Coaching for Psychological aspects of Erections and Sexual Performance

Erections improved online

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