naked man laying on back with legs over head to show pelvic floor muscles, ischiocavernosus, penis, anus and testicles
A HARD erection requires all these to be strong. If one is weak then erections can suffer, ERECTIONS.IO trains all of them, or focusses upon one


At ERECTIONS.IO you get coaching that will work for you as an individual. After all yes, we all have a penis, but when our penis doesn’t work so well, the fix for one is not the same as for another.

Your Body Parts, processes or outlook

What will benefit your erection? Training to strengthen all of the above or just one?

Training Type

All four ERECTIONS.IO Inputs are personalised to suit you. The two obvious ones:

  • communication with me on the messaging App Signal
  • 1:1 Coaching Video Call

where we can cover any topic you want that relates to your erections. The other two ERECTIONS.IO Inputs are pre-recorded:

  • Daily Audio Download to your mind
  • HARDer Erection Video Guide

but you will hear what you want to see – tuning in to the undercurrent that you want or need, letting this powerful undercurrent sweep you away to another place where all that matters is you, your penis and your maleness.

All about You and Your Penis

ERECTIONS.IO is all about You and Your penis. The main Input is audio – meaning you focus upon your penis, your body and mind. One of the other Inputs is the HARDer Erection video Guide – where yes I am naked for some male health education. After all if I was the cookery coach – I would be expected to show you some cooking. The third Input is the 1:1 video call where I am always clothed, but provides you a chance to let your penis be involved as much or as little as you like. The fourth Input is communication via the messaging app Signal, again giving you the chance to talk about or film your penis progress if you would like.


However you can be totally private and your penis is not expected to make an appearance at any point during any communications with me. ERECTIONS.IO gives erection training in the way that you want. You can be as independent or as communicative as you like.

Would you like to have Erection Confidence?

Knowing that you can rise to the occasion gives a great confidence. Perhaps you may have been used to having this erection confidence many years ago, when if you also had a general confidence – you’d have been lucky.

Can we have both an Erection Confidence, and a General Confidence?

Just when sometimes we begin to find our way in life and achieve a general confidence it can be the case that erection confidence can begin to decline. But we can have both Erection Confidence as well as a general confidence. Now, should you by any chance also find you are lacking in general confidence, then just perhaps your erection can show you the way. As often a surge in erection performance can make us feel so good that it gives us just the boost we need!

It all starts with – a soluble energy

Already have enough erection confidence?

Then ERECTIONS.IO can also give you an ejaculation confidence, as it is the same muscles and parts of the mind that benefit from training.

If you’d like to start talking right away – go for it – whether you’re a member yet or not – feel free to contact me