ERECTIONS.IO consists of just one person – me the Erection Coach – and this image sums me up – this was taken during a coaching session I was giving.

the Coach@erections.io

Me, in a gym with an erection – talking about Fitness, Health & ERECTIONS.IO Guided Penis Worship – my perfect day!

The erection coach giving a peak under a leaf that protects his modesty to reveal an erect penis underneath
Eat healthy for nice HARD erections.

The videos I show are not to say look at me, but to show – what you can achieve with a little hard work and simply being good to your penis. The Hands free erection on command ability for me is a great achievement , having previously had erectile problems and being more mature.

What does being good to your penis mean?

Well. it all starts in Guided Penis Worship and ends in him repaying you with some great sexual times that you’ll have together – self sex at first and then you can decide later on if you want to share your new found erection abilities with others or keep it all for yourself.

More about why I show the Hands Free Erections on Demand videos.

……hopefully the hands free erection on demand videos will give you confidence in my ability to help you improve your erection.

Added to this – below is a bit more professional information about me as the Erection Coach. If you’d like to know anything more please feel free to ask.

Experienced in getting health results+


With physiology at University combined with specific coaching skills honed during 20+ years of my career, both in the NHS, and my own practice in central London, I have helped men of all ages improve their erections naturally. 


All images and videos are of me and my penis – together showing you what ERECTIONS.IO can do for you. 

animated image of hands free erection on demand
Keep in mind this erection control is the ultimate aim – it just depends how far you want to go.

I previously had both health and erection problems – plus being a mature guy, if I can do this – you can too.


Should you wish to overcome any erection problems – the key to success is tips and individualised coaching that I can give along the way – to enable you to train smart. Twenty plus years of Health and Erection Coaching both in the hospital setting, and private sector are condensed into the pre recorded videos and Guided Penis Worship sound clips – giving you all that you need to improve your erections. Sometimes during an email conversation or video call, you may say something perhaps seemingly insignificant that provides background erection information relating to you as an individual. With our mind playing such a big part in the Erection process – anything that helps me understand how you’re wired up can shed light on any erection issues and help you overcome them quicker.

Expecting Erection Gains

The speed of gaining erection improvements is very individual as I’m sure you can imagine. The rate at which you can expect to see Erection Gains will depend upon 3 factors:

  • the level of service you select from me
  • your current fitness & health status (mental and physical)
  • your commitment to ERECTIONS.IO Penis Worship


I hope you can tell, I’m genuine and passionate about erections, this for me is not a money making venture, the money is purely a necessary evil – to cover my costs and ensure I can continue to deliver this erection service.

I get many great messages and feedback from guys that have strengthened their erections and achieved a greater sexual satisfaction, but I do not publish these, here’s why: