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For any man over the age of 18*

I bare all – at this site-to encourage an open natural communication

I’m totally open, honest and sincere about erection coaching so be open with me, free from constraints society places upon us. Communicating the most private things – is the 1st step to improving erection quality.

Uninhibited & Candid is part of the training 

– free your mind to unleash your penis

You have muscles that can push extra blood into your penis, so forcefully that it cannot escape quick enough. Pressure builds up so and the penis is erected. Your body needs to allow more blood to the area for the muscles to do this – under your minds instruction, and all this put together is my specialist subject. further helped by being uninhibited and candid – to free your mind to influence your body – and prime it for great erections.

Men don’t tend to talk about erection difficulties, or if they do – tend to seek help too far down the line – at which point other areas of their life such as confidence may be effected. If you have any erection concerns, the sooner you ask for guidance the better.

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Anything you communicate is in confidence.


I never publish anyone’s work, pictures or videos – all images, videos and words here at ERECTIONS.IO is me – no one else is involved. This will hopefully give you confidence to communicate candidly with me.

Should you decide to join – from this point on in all payment details:

  • Erections.IO will be referred to as Input/Output in all payments.
  • provided by the: Male Coach – this is the name that will appear on statements or the reference you can enter in the transfer

*If under 18 please seek guidance from a trusted family member, teacher or health professional.

Health Education

Are you aware you have an erection muscle – it’s sole job is to make your penis more rigid, and just one aspect of the HEALTH Erection, but it is under control of your mind. This raises the question, to gain the HEALTH Erection should you strengthen this muscle or should you work on the psychological aspects – your minds control? Or is your erection muscle working absolutely fine but there is not enough blood flow. If so this can be improved in many ways, all naturally. ERECTIONS.IO covers all aspects from improving testosterone right the way through to penile flexibility, so you can be sure I can help you.

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My Personal Erection Coaching shows what to do – and why. For more demonstrations, inspiration and motivation to do good for things for your penis – ERECTIONS.IO