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Passionate about all that – makes an erection – happen. If you are too, feel free to get in touch.
Starting Guided Penis Worship

Joining ERECTIONS.IO and starting Guided Penis Worship is not an automated service.

Before I take your payment we need to have exchanged at lest a couple of emails, as if I am going to be coaching you by video call – I at least need to know what improvements it is that you’d like to see, and to this end – it is always useful to know about your current erection fitness and health as this will lead to erection improvement success.

So if you’d like to get started with Guided Penis Worship and join ERECTIONS.IO please send me an email:

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Want to talk about your penis, then go for it – as ERECTIONS.IO is also a place where you can freely talk – in total confidence.:


Just as a reminder – I never publish anyone’s work, pictures or videos – all images, videos and words here at ERECTIONS.IO is me – no one else is involved. This will hopefully give you confidence to tell me or show me anything, with the confidence that it will be in confidence.