Gaining the HEALTH Erection capability at ERECTIONS.IO

animated image of naked man looking at erection that is obscured with bright light flare - also bright light flare on his head to indicate mind training
Input/Output the HEALTH Erection

→Input and You Will gain an Output

Use the energy that is downloading into your mind from the Daily Audio Inout, plus the HARDer Erection Video Guide and of course your 1:1 Coaching by video call. to start gaining HEALTH Erections.

The Daily Audio Input guides you every step of the way to: HEALTH Erection Output

20 years of erection coaching expertise condensed into 25 Audio sessions – in a fun but powerful audio download ready to be run in your mind and body – for the OUTPUT that will be the HEALTH ERECTION .

Input – the listening aspect

Simply listen to your days audio training clip: then once more in your day repeat from memory to Train your mind and body once more in your day. It’s enjoyable to do – getting you in touch with the Masculine Primeval Man that is deep inside you – wanting to come out.

Audio/sounds only allows for max focus upon your penis without distraction (duration of between 5 and 25 minutes).

More Input – the videos

If you want the visuals animated view of HARDer Erection Training videosfor extra physiology insight, motivation or demonstration from me – there’s many erection coaching videos to choose from

Even More Input – for Individuality

Pus a 1:1 Video picture of the Erection Coach on a 1:1 Face Time coaching video callCoaching Call

Simultaneously start converting the Input to the Output

Close up animated image of ischiocavernosus muscle contracting and the resulting effect upon flaccid penis

a physical contraction

…..or perhaps

Naked man with light emanating from mind and penis to signify the psychological aspects of erection coaching

your focused mind

leads to the major

Output of

view from knees to navel of naked man with fizzing champagne bottle covering his erection with "for your good health' text in bubbles
Celebrate being the HE Man – the HEALTH Erection Man

What the HEALTH Erection feels like

Ask Coach Harper