Input to Your mind / Output nonsexual HEALTH Erection

naked man looking at erection that is obscured with bright light flare - also bright light flare on his head to indicate mind training
Input Penis Worship Time /Output the HEALTH Erection

Penis Worship Time = Neural Pathways + Physical strengthening culminating in 15.69 where you will be the conductor – able to bring all the Inputs together – for the HEALTH Erection on command capability – in the absence of sexual arousal as I show in the image below.

This is key. – you must remember this is what I am training you to do, and you will do if you follow my guidance.

animated image showing a HEALTH erection in the absence of sexual arousal - from muscle contraction only, partly obscured
A Non-sexual Health Erection

If you can gain the non sexual HEALTH Erection when you want one – imagine what will be possible when you are sexually aroused?

This means in the future you can capitalise upon your new found capabilities and use them both in a HEALTH Erection way and a sexual way – but always differentiating between the two – to give you new meaning to what it is to be the Healthy Human Male Being the HE Man (Health Erection Man) – where the HEALTH Erection (HE) is the way forward to living your best life: personal and professional.

a naked man looking down at his erect penis pointing up, but partially obscured tith text.Join ERECTIONS.IO and become a HE-Man (Health Erection man)

Your Coaching

  • 25 audio training files for max focus upon the inner YOU – guiding you to the next step – every day for 25 days. I advise you to do 2 cycles of this as the 2nd 25 day period – you really will see things with extra focus, feeling and a certain something extra – I describe it as an energy, but others experience different things, so rather than influence you by labelling this – I’ll let you discover what it gives you as the individual HE-man that you are now becoming.

Whilst the audio clips are very powerful some more visual learners can benefit from the HARDer Erection Video Guide, which is also included…..

  • View any video from the HARDer Erection Video Guide to see how your training relates to male anatomy and for motivation or inspiration for what you’re further erection development.

Years of being the have shown me the power of 1:1 coaching, which is included for you

  • Use this session in any way you want, maybe to understand yourself as an individual and the affect this has upon your erections, or for further training practice/coaching, or perhaps for a feedback upon your progress. You tell me beforehand what you want to cover.

3 month membership includes one 1:1 video call, the six month includes two.

Knowing I’m here for you at any time, should never be underestimated…

  • There may be periods during your training when you need some tips. motivation, or to give feedback on your training account/videos, or just to talk about your training or your erections. This should never be underestimated and is last in the list – but by no means of any less importance, . via email or on the messaging App: Signal

3 Months Membership, gives all the above: $425 / £350 / €400

6 Months Membership, gives all the above : $550 / £450 / €510


Erections.IO course will be referred to as Input/Output in all payments and invoices. The account name on all statements is Male Coach, no mention of erections.

To join email me:

→ (discreet email)

→ tell me you’d like to be a HE-Man by joining ERECTIONS.IO

→ let me know what currency you’re in

→I’ll send you the payment/joining link forjoining ERECTIONS.IO and becoming a HE-Man (Health Erection Man)

No recurring subscriptions – one time payment only


In all payment details: ERECTIONS.IO Membership will be referred to as Input/Output. Account name on statements: Male Coach 

No mention of penis, erections or sex.

view from knees to navel of naked man with fizzing champagne bottle covering his erection with "for your good health' text in bubbles
Celebrate being the HE Man – the HEALTH Erection Man