What the HEALTH Erection Feels Like

This is a HEALTH Erection – involving NO sexual arousal. 

Sexual arousal is not needed to attain an erection, as I show in the animated image below, this is me gaining an erection – purely through muscular contractions with – whilst talking about how this is happening.

animated image showing a HEALTH erection in the absence of sexual arousal - from muscle contraction only, partly obscured
A Non-sexual Health Erection

Has Sex Hijacked your Erections? If so let’s bring them back to Health Erections and live the life you want to live: with the rewarding synergy of work, rest and play.

Healthy relationships & work/life Synergy

This erection occurred in the absence of sexual arousal – using physical muscle control. → and a calm mind, something that we could all do once upon a time, but did not necessarily appreciate it, and have since long forgotten about what erections can be in the health context (outside of sexual situations) – often now just relegated to a maintenance cycle our body runs through when asleep such as with nocturnal erections.

This is not to say look at me → this is to say → look at what you will be able to do – gain the HEALTH Erection

Have you ever thought about all the erections you used to get (pre puberty) – they were non sexual. Sex hijacks the Health Erection capability and realisation

Losing the HEALTH Erection has profound implications for your whole life – as a healthy Male human being

Gaining back the HEALTH Erection enables you to start living your life with new meaning.

Want an example of the HEALTH Erection?

The ERECTION Maintenance program your body runs every night

All you have to do is think back to the last time you experienced nocturnal erections or woke up with one. This is an example of a health erection – it is like a maintenance programme that your body runs and is vital for penile health and erection health.

Health Erections pop up for Many reasons, here’s a few examples:

  • deep relaxation (before stresses and strains of life accumulate)
  • deep contentment
  • a nonsexual excitement – looking forward to or experiencing
  • a very deep meaningful but nonsexual connection (something or another being)
  • a nostalgia – triggers feelings within you
  • emotions – strong and non sexual

There’s so many more which will be very individual to you – they do to some extent depend upon both life experiences and neural pathways in the brain.

A Masculine Healthy Feeling

Every man will experience the HEALTH Erection differently : for me it is a great feeling of being male – and healthy – almost pure. Which is where it gets really interesting and adds a nice balance to how I can sometimes feel with a sex erection. But that’s a story for another time. Above all else what the HEALTH Erection does for me is to give me an energy that enriches my whole life.

Differentiating between the HEALTH Erection and the Sex Erection

We can tend to group them all into the sex category which then erodes our feelings associated with the HEALTH Erection which then means we lose the ability to gain so many HEALTH erections and they gradually decrease.

Any decrease of the hEALTH Erection can lead to erection difficulties – as we are almost just become reliant upon a sexual arousal to erect our penis, with all other avenues closed off.

But we can open them up again and often Erectile dysfunction is more sexual dysfunction. The chances are if you have ED of a psychological nature – the HEALTH Erection will be your way forward and show you how to gain the sex erection back again – but first you must know that before the sex erection comes the HEALTH ERection and before the HEALTH Erection Comes the strengthening of your physical body and your outlook, but before this comes the Input your mind and before this comes an email to me to order your daily download input with additional 1:1 when needed.

So if you want to place an order to start: Daily download Input to your mind to gain the Output that is the Health Erection

side on view of an erect penis to show chambers of penis and the ERECTIONS.IO physiological and psychological inputs with the HEALTH erection being the output
ERECTIONS Input/Output