A Soluble Energy

side on view of an erect penis and scrotum with gold light rays shining down on penis to signify a soluble energy

ERECTIONS.IO gives you an Energy.

A soluble energy to top up your erection energy, which for various reasons can sometimes run low.

Now, I understand this may seem an odd concept, so firstly let’s start with the physical. The picture below shows the erection muscle in action – which along with improving blood flow and testosterone levels makes erections HARDer.

view of male pelvic floor muscles bulbospongiosus and ischiocavernosus contracting erect penis
the erection muscles – ischiocavernosus and bulbospongiosus contracting

The ischiocavernosus in the picture above is contracting – this pushes extra blood into the penis to make it more rigid. That is the sole job of this muscle – which can be thought of as the root of your penis. So at first glance we could be forgiven that thinking erection improvement can be attained simply be strengthening this muscle, but it can only work if there is adequate blood travelling to this area. And this is where it begins to get a little complicated. But you don’t need to worry about any complications as I in your Daily Audio Download (Input) allow this to begin to happen with other physical aspects – and with the psychological….

Now, the psychological aspect is all about freeing your mind of any performance pressure: to be relaxed in the ERECTIONS.IO vibe – a place where your mind will instinctively tell your body to erect your penis. This is what forms the basis of the Input which is your Daily Audio Download

(I should point out we don’t get erect on purpose – that is never the aim. The aim during any of the four Inputs: is not to gain an erection – but to gain a connection with your penis. If an erection happens then great, but the aim initially is for erections in the future – when perhaps you least expect them)

Gif image showing hands free erection on demand by the Erection Coach at ERECTIONS.IO, partially obscured
Predominantly the psychological aspects of Your STEP by STEP Guide to ERECTION Mastery being used to erect my penis without any physical stimulation

So. hopefully you are aware of how the ERECTIONS.IO Input begins to condition your body and mind for HARDer erections more often – now we move onto the energy aspect…..

Your STEP by STEP Guide to ERECTIONs.IO Input lets an energy evolve deep within you….

Your Erection Energy

An erect penis sticking out from body with overlay of energy flow to signify erection controlYou have this already, perhaps it may be slightly depleted?

Adding A Soluble Energy

This is what ERECTIONS.IO Input gives

Topping up Erection Energy

ERECTIONS.IO Guided Input will give you this soluble energy – with every training time you have with your penis – either training with the Audio Download – or practicing at a later point in your day – a bit more energy is created, that will in the coming hours – dissolve into your existing erection energy.

The effect of this is you will in time begin to feel more of a sexual male being – in perhaps a different way to you currently do – more at one with your penis.

This will have the result to prime your body and mind to give you harder erections more often, but only if you regularly worship your penis with an ERECTIONS.IO Input, – to keep your erection energy topped with a soluble energy.

I’m not going to say too much more at this stage – as you have all this to look forward to with ERECTIONS.IO Inputs- where you will discover all these wonderful things for yourself.

How ERECTIONS.IO gives you this soluble Energy