Stealth Erection Coaching, blatant Masturbation Guide

Naked man on bed with an erection gesturing to say are you up for coaching
Are You Up For It?

During a personal edging masturbation session I had a profound erection coaching realisation, which I felt compelled to share with members, and so switched the cameras on. Then it almost seemed rude to not involve you in my masturbation session where I seize the opportunity whilst I have your attention – to talk about the all important lifestyle issues that affect erection quality -the less ‘sexy’ bits which are still extremely important but risk being ignored. I hope that by seeing the effects they exert on me whilst masturbating, will inspire you to adopt a few lifestyle changes too and maybe masturbate along!


This form of coaching may not be for everyone – it is quite sexually explicit. If you’re unsure then please check details about becoming a Throbbing HARDer Member which involves all aspects of erection coaching – starting off with very mild sexual references often in medical terms – gradually evolving into more as your sexual mind develops.


Stealth Erection Coaching

The edging coaching evolved organically, into a serious erection coaching video, by way of me talking about the links between our sexual mind and erection quality which is especially useful for the psychological aspects of the erection process and overcoming ED.

Why by Stealth?

Aware that some may switch off when I start talking about importance of some lifestyle issues, I seize the opportunity during this edging masturbation session to give a very private erection coaching session, as by the time I get to some of the less sexy bits or the porn talk, I’m hoping you’ll be masturbating along with me and coerced into listening to the lifestyle factors (that you otherwise may not always want to hear). But whilst you’re being encouraged to stimulate your penis – hopefully your penis will keep you tuned in.

That said – there are also a lot of sexy bits too, here’s the full list:

Points discussed in this video Series:

Part 1
  • About the Erection Turbo boost technique you can learn
  • Contentment: is a driver of erection HARDness
  • Involuntary Erection HARDening factors
  • Masturbation with a guy – it’s just a man thing that’s all
  • Masturbation techniques
  • Porn – benefits of porn – when to use – when not to – porn as a tool
  • Reading your Cum Level
  • The health aspect of your erection going down – ready to come up again soon
  • The joys of reading your Cum Level
  • What’s your emotions got to do with it
  • Importance of your Cum Level for masturbation satisfaction
  • Feeling masculine
  • Penis exercising
  • Glutes exercise
  • Testosterone Boosting Feeling
  • How to delay ejaculation
  • Edging
  • Why edging is so good for Erection Hardness, especially in longer term
  • Building intensity of Cum Level sensation during masturbation
Part 2

Shows the following so feel free to skip it and move onto Sheer Muscle Power (Erection Muscle)

  • Building the sexualness from the simplest of things
  • A different stimulation / circulation booster for the adventurous to try
  • Talking male talk
  • Swearing
  • Ejaculation (But it’s okay – it’s not a close up)
Sheer Muscle Strength

Daily Exercise Instruction (2-5 minutes as you have time)

Train your Erection Muscle – the Ischiocavernosus muscle – to be able to push more blood into your penis in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. – your own cock ring – just needs to be trained

Natural Boost Your Testosterone

Daily Exercise Instruction (2-10 minutes as you have time)

Increases your ‘drive’ plus calming your nervous system down to prime your body for more erections in the coming hours which will build up each day.


Video Part 1 & 2 gives an overview of what can help you improve your erection quality.

However this is all given whilst I’m Edging – so it’s all very healthy for you your sexualness, your physical health and mental wellbeing. And that it was I’m also encouraging here masturbation – you’lll see why – combined with porn management. So lets not banish porn, but learn to harness its power through effective masturbation

I have also added in – two of the main Erection Coaching videos from the Step by Step Harder Erection Video Guide.

Plus some Edging Guidance

Gives a glimpse into one of my edging sessions – which was how this started out

The great thing about this coaching is that right from the outset you’ll think of your erection coaching in a sexual way – which is important. As yes some parts of erection coaching are about exercise and dedication but it also has to be sexy, as that is one of the main drivers of HARD erections.

Preview Video

⚠️ Only for the open minded

Please do not play this video if you do not want to see images of masturbation.

STEALTH ERECTION COACHING is available to Outcomes members as a useful accompaniment to the Step by Step Guide to Erection Mastery, the HARDer Erection Video Guide and the 1:1 call.

If you’d like to join STEALTH on its own


STEALTH ERECTION COACHING -video series access – a great start to your Erection Coaching adventure. 

Naked man on bed with an erection gesturing to say are you up for coachingOne main video – part 1(45 minutes)  Part 2 (17 minutes) exploring a whole range of topics that can affect erection and sexual satisfaction – coaching whilst masturbating – it is not something for everyone.


Two, less sexualised, erection coaching videos – Erection Muscle Power and Natural Testosterone boost.

3 Months Video Access (Four videos to Improve Your Erection): GBP £20

Currency conversions can fluctuate but approximately:

USD $25 

EURO €23 

To join email me:


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Stealth Erection Coaching Videos

Naked man on bed with an erection gesturing to say are you up for coaching

Here I show you erection coaching in all its forms: no holds barred erection coaching.

but only if you’re sure you’re up for it?

Part 2
Naked man masturbating and gesturing to the viewer

If you weren’t shocked by part 1 – here’s part 2. I’ll say no more!

Supplementary Training Videos

Sheer Muscle Strength
naked man coaching

This is the penis raise exercise I talk about in Part 1 above where I did it whilst erect here I show the somewhat more effective training exercise whilst flaccid

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Natural Boost Your Testosterone
naked man doing ERECTIONS.IO infamous X Pose

This will raise your sexualness going into your session with me in Part 1 to make you even more sexual.

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