ERECTIONS Improved Online gives two options:

  1. Become a HARDer Member using the HARDer Erection Video Guide or
  2. Stealth Erection Coaching Video series.

…capable of making your future erections HARDer and improving sexual and masturbation satisfaction.

If you are wanting to overcome erectile dysfunction – then it may be worth you contacting me about what you can expect to achieve.

ERECTIONS Improved Online

Stealth Erection Coaching

STEALTH ERECTION COACHING -video series access – a great start to your Erection Coaching adventure. 

Naked erection coach on bed with erection sticking up whilst gesturing in a full on erection coaching sessionOne main video – part 1(45 minutes)  Part 2 (17 minutes) exploring a whole range of topics that can affect erection and sexual satisfaction – coaching whilst masturbating – it is not something for everyone.


Two less sexualised erection coaching training video – for physical strengthening – Sheer Muscle Power and Natural Testosterone boost – giving you two daily 2 minute exercises

3 Months Video Access (Four videos to Improve Your Erection): GBP £20

Currency conversions can fluctuate but approximately:

USD $25

EURO €23


Plus Full support at any time – email me or text me

– or opt in for daily/weekly motivational text chat.head and shoulders picture of the original Erection Coach