Erection Coaching with Cal

picture of Cal the penis - semi erect to show his meatus lining up with the C of Cal in the text overlay

I’m Cal the Erection Coach’s Penis

Your penis may look different to me on the outside – what drives us on the inside is the same.

This Alternative Erection Coaching tells You – what Your Penis needs…

….to work at full power.

Video Erection Coaching with Cal

The banner is removed…

…in the full video (1.3 (coming soon))

…..for full views of the male anatomy should you want a more realistic Erection Coaching experience.

Erection Coaching with Cal – Video 1.1: Interrupting

Part 1, 2 & 3 What this shows for you: The Importance of your minds awareness upon what your penis is doing at all sorts of times in your day.

Erection Coaching with Cal

coming Aug ’23

This first video is more of an introduction – to me Cal – showing how important your minds awareness of your penis is.

Coaching Notes

Okay you are seeing this naked, but imagine if clothed – this swelling can be picked up and encouraged – to get into a semi erection and if the erection is stunted due to clothes/public, your sexual mind will be excited due to the naughtiness or the sexualness/maleness.

→ Part 2 is here

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